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Occasional bugs and issues may arise, dull animations

Pilot Survive is a survival game for the mobile platforms that challenges the player to outwit various creatures in the form of zombies, infected mutants, people that are exposed to radiation and last but not least, the local wildlife.

The game chooses to give users no formal story as to justify the existence of the abundance of monsters that the player is up against, instead leaving it up to the player’s imagination. In true survival game fashion, the game provides next to no helpful hints or tutorials that may help the user survive in the harsh wilderness, instead opting to let users toy around and explore to discover crafting and how best to stay alive.

The environment provides an abundance of resources and materials to build tools, weapons and other equipment, which is good as the game is quite unforgiving. Frustration is a part of the whole experience though; and should the user perish, (a thing that can occur due to any number of reasons, ranging from starvation, infection, radiation or simply taking damage) they can simply return and collect their fallen equipment.

Overall Pilot Survive for Android is quality survival game. The experience may differ depending on which version the user installs though, as the free version is harsh and unforgiving, something which many survival genre fans will come to love, while the paid version helps users by offering an easy mode for them to toy with. The game’s 2D graphics may remind players of familiar titles, such as Terraria, yet the similarities are limited and Pilot Survive is designed well enough to separate it from previous titles.

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